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The Skateroom has collaborated with Artestar and the Keith Haring Foundation to create this skateboard deck featuring Haring’s drawing of a snake.

Accentuated with a red tongue, the black-and-white drawing consists of broad, frenetic lines that recall Asian calligraphic characters and pre-Columbian hieroglyphs, as well as the tags of graffiti artists. Haring filled the composition with zigzags and squiggles, embedding the snake figure within a field of pattern and movement.

The decks are intended for decorative purposes, but can be assembled into functioning skateboards. One wall mount per deck is provided to hang the edition on the wall.

Edition Details

Each deck measures approx. 31x8in (80x20cm)
Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
1 Easyfix wall mount included per deck