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From SOWDEN, the brand of George Sowden, is the PL2 Portable Lamp, a rechargeable lamp composed of an aluminium stand and shades made from silicon—a material that George Sowden discovered is a great diffuser of light, long-lasting and easy to clean. SOWDEN have focused on improving the performance of the battery-powered models, typically suitable for restaurant tables and bar counters where mains power is impractical, as well as indoor and outdoor home use.

The PL2 is fitted with a custom-designed and made SOWDEN LED light source (160 lumens). It has an integrated touch sensitive dimmer control and a unique screw-in fitting that allows it to be replaced when necessary.

The PL2 lamp also contains two protected 18650 lithium-ion replaceable batteries and, instead of relying on lengthy recharging in the lamp, they can also be changed easily with fully charged replacements, allowing immediate use. In restaurants, batteries can be swapped during service without ever leaving guests in the dark. For home use, you can recharge when required with the included USB cord.

The shade is also removable for easy cleaning. Charges via USB (cable included) for five hours of light at maximum brightness when fully charged. Use the SOWDEN PL2 Portable Lamp wherever you need extra light, from your dining table to your bedside table to your outdoor space. It measures 12h x 7"diam.