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These 50 full-color tear-out posters feature original artwork that conveys the urgent need to take action to combat climate change. Whether you're an activist, a student, or are looking for the perfect environmental gift, this collection of original posters from a series of international artists and designers is sure to inspire change.
In a time when our environmental future is uncertain, natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and the window to avoid further irreversible climate damage is closing, collective action is essential. Compiled from an open call (design poured in from all over the world), 50 winning designs were selected from more than 800 entries. A global problem requires a global solution.
Historically, posters have been one of the most common mediums of communication for dissent and social change, and the 50 tear-out posters in Posters for the Planet allow you to voice the importance of acting now. Printed on 11-by-17-inch FSC paper, each of the perforated posters features a unique design that you can proudly display or distribute to convey how crucial it is to act responsibly, fight climate change through environmental policy, and create a bright future for ourselves and future generations.
Partial proceeds of the sale of this book will be donated to Indigenous Environmental Network, Clean Air Task Force, and Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

Paperback, 112 pages, 2022.

14 x 11 x .7 in.