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The featured painting is inspired by scenes of conflict often encountered on the streets of Los Angeles. The juxtaposition of colors and patterns is an ode to the iconography of the city, specifically the green and orange hues of storefronts, colorful tile, graffiti and mural paintings. In his collection with THE SKATEROOM, Patrick MARTINEZ captures the surface of Los Angeles on skateboard art editions.

Patrick Martinez (he/him/his) was born in Pasadena, CA in 1980 and holds a BFA from the Art College Center of Design (2015). He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Martinez’s practice moves across hip hop and graffiti aesthetics using everyday urban formal and material vernaculars—neon, stucco, school folders, house paint, spray paint, ceramic tile, oriented strand board (often used in construction), and even cake—to create landscape and portrait paintings, sculptures, and prints that memorialize urban and suburban neighborhood environments, friends, and iconic historical and contemporary social figures. A highly sought after Latinx artist, he has been awarded a Rauschenberg Foundation Artist Residency (2020), his work is collected by many and currently on view at Crystal Bridges.

Edition Details

Each deck measures approx. 31x8in (80x20cm)
Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
1 Easyfix wall mount included per deck