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A book of questions with answers and over-answers: Did I screw up? How do I achieve work-life balance? Do I have too many plants? Michelle Rial delivers a playful take on the little dilemmas that loom large in the mind of every adult through artful charts and funny, insightful questions.

In this book of questions—Which wine should I bring? How should I start this email? How much do I tip for this?—author and designer Michelle Rial attempts to answer (and over-answer) countless inquiries with the help of amusing and artful visual aids. Like a conversation with your non-judgmental best friend, Am I Overthinking This? serves as a reminder that there isn't always one right answer—and that, sometimes, the only answer is to pick a path and keep moving.

Hardcover, 240 pages, 2022.

11.3 x 9.5 x 1 in.