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The Makers Cabinet Architect Tool Set includes the Stria Folding Rule, a Høvel Pencil Plane with walnut base and a box of 12 Blackwing X Limited Edition Pencils specially commissioned by Makers Cabinet. A limited edition of 140 numbered sets.

Stria is a folding ruler made of brass with a hard-wearing brushed finish. It is highly engineered to be an unceasingly intuitive and cherished tool. Featuring both imperial and metric on either side, Stria is perfect for every creative.

  • Precision-machined brass body engineered to help you measure and draw creatively
  • Tactile feedback at 45-degree increments
  • Innovative dovetail hinge
  • Measures in both metric and imperial with markings precise down to 0.5mm

Høvel is a pencil sharpener that functions as a miniature plane, allowing you the freedom to achieve any point you like without the hassle of breaking the lead of your pencils like a typical sharpener sometimes does.  It can be used as a long point sharpener, a flat sharpener, similar to the result you would achieve with a chisel or knife, or even for making very short and sturdy points.

The Blackwing X pencils contain Blackwing's soft graphite formula found in the Blackwing Matte pencil.

Presented in a card gift box, 100% recyclable.

Optional leather sheaths also available.