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This is a story of the power that comes with building confidence to use your imagination, rather than trying to be just like others.  

In An Artist’s Eyes, follow Jo as he journeys through the world of color and creativity in an empowering story of confidence and imagination.

Jo is a little boy who desperately wants to “see like an artist.”

He tries as hard as he can to see the things the way Mo the artist does, and when he starts to use his imagination, he realizes that the things he can dream up are completely unique.

From the autumn oranges of the forest floor to pink and lilac pigeons in flight, Mo teaches Jo to trust his own eyes, and to see like an artist.

This is a magical story about the power of imagination and discovering that our individual perspectives make us all artists, and no two artist’s eyes are the same. 

9.2 in Wdth | 10.9 in Lgth
Hardcover, 32 Pages, May 17, 2022.