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Timely recipes for food that gives you a hug from the inside out, by a living legend of Australian country cooking.

Sally Wise is the Granny-We-All-Wished-We-Had. In one book she's compiled all the recipes you'll ever need to bake. It's as sumptuous as it is soothing.' - Matthew Evans

Life can be busy and tough and sometimes just a bit … meh.

Baking is the perfect antidote to stressful times, providing a double dose of solace: the contemplative act of baking itself, and the great big buttery prize at the end, which tastes even better when shared or perhaps given away entirely.

You don't need fancy equipment or specialist skills. In this foolproof recipe collection, icon of good old-fashioned country cooking Sally Wise serves up recipes that are big on comfort and low on fuss. Savoury classics (including pies, quiches, breads and focaccia - and the creamiest potato bake ever) sit proudly alongside a glorious line-up of sweet treats, including Maple Syrup Upside-down Banana Cake, Rhubarb and Caramel Slice, Orange Butter Bars, Spiced Ginger Cookies and a supremely simple Whisky and Orange Chocolate Pudding.

The Comfort Bake is all the invitation you need to nourish yourself and those you love with food that warms the heart.

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Paperback, 240 Pages, April 19, 2022.