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Enter the world of oceans and discover all the interesting animals that live in them!

Swim with jellyfish, wonder at the busy life of a seagrass meadow, and fence with narwhals in this lovingly illustrated children’s book. Take kids on a fascinating underwater journey, showing them just how amazing oceans are, what plants and animals live in them, and how we can help them

Inside the pages of this kids ocean book, you’ll discover:

  • Interesting information about oceans that supports and goes beyond the curriculum
  • Fun and unusual facts to convey the amazing world of ocean life
  • Detailed illustrations and photographs of fish, shellfish, mammals such as dolphins, waves, and more


11.3 in H | 9.3 in W | 0.5 in T | 1.4 lb Wt
Hardcover, 80 pages, July 20, 2021