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This adorably illustrated family board game is all about making herding sheep fun and cooperative! Hop! Hop! Hop! Cooperation Game by Djeco joyfully promotes following shared rules and working as a team.

The purpose is try as hard as possible to bring all of the sheep back inside their pen before gusts of strong wind knock down the bridge.

Using a simply illustrated die, kids can easily follow the pictorial instructions to know what to do with each roll. Some are good and some are not! A good roll, such as the leap frog, allows players to jump ahead but a bad roll, like the wind, will make the bridge fall and everyone will have to begin again.

Once all the sheep are tucked safely in their pen, the game is over and everyone is a winner! 

This tactile early board game is hands on and uses clear images with simple to follow directions. Hop! Hop! Hop! will keep everyone enjoying family time and laughing together.

Recommended for ages four through eight, this game allows for between two and six players. Each game lasts roughly 15 minutes.