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Join Mama Cat and her playful kittens as they take inspiration from some of the world’s great masterpieces to learn the art of being a cat in author Jenn Bailey and illustrator Nyangsongi’s picture book Meowsterpieces.
Discover how to be adored in The Birth of Venus by Boticelli; learn how to be brave in Hokusai’s Under the Wave off Kanagawa; and taught how to be gentle with Henry Ossawa Tanner’s The Banjo LessonMeowsterpieces is a book for art lovers, cat lovers, and everyone in between! And with extensive back matter that includes information about each of the original artworks, it’s educational, too.
The artworks featured include The Study of a Student by Laura Wheeler Waring; The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci; The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli; The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijin; Nighthawks by Edward Hopper; A Sunday on la Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat; Bedroom in Arles by Vincent van Gogh; Jockey on a Galloping Horse by Eadweard Muybridge; The Dancing Class by Edgar Degas; Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder; Under the Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai; The Banjo Lesson by Henry Ossawa Tanner; and New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam by Charles Clyde Ebbets.

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Hardcover, 32 Pages, September 27, 2022.