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Enjoy delicious, healthful Japanese food anytime with this stylish four-color cookbook from the author of the international bestseller Tokyo Cult Recipes, featuring 100 authentic and simple recipes to get you cooking like a pro in your own kitchen.

In Simply Japanese, Maori Murota gives homes cooks the ingredients, tools, and confidence they need to easily prepare dishes that are staples of Japanese family cuisine, such as udon, soba, miso, onigiri, and tofu.

Born and raised in Japan and now living in France, Maori couldn’t find the Japanese products she normally relied on due to the pandemic. To enjoy her favorite Japanese foods, she decided to try making them herself in her own kitchen. Drawing on her 20 years of experience as a caterer, she began experimenting, making batches of udon noodles, gyoza dough, and fermenting tsukemono pickles using locally sourced ingredients. The results were delicious! Maori was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make these authentic Japanese staples. Best of all, in creating these dishes from scratch, she felt a deep connection to her mother and grandmother whom she watched make these same delicious dishes by hand while she was growing up.

Combining detailed step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photos, Simply Japanese includes traditional recipes for the appetizers, soups, dinner entrees, desserts, and more Maori grew up eating in Tokyo as well as her own original dishes inspired by foreign cuisines. She also offers vegan alternatives and tips for many of the recipes, showing that a totally plant-based Japanese diet is well within our reach.

Mouthwatering, full of flavor, good to eat, and good for you, the recipes in this sumptuous cookbook, illustrated with beautiful full-color food shots, will take cooks of every level, from novice to experienced, on a journey to the heart of Japanese cuisine today.

Hardcover, 272 pages, 2022.

10.2 x 8.1 in.